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 The aim of Building/Urban Environmental Engineering is to ensure people live and work in a safe, comfortable, efficient, and healthy environmental space. At the Building Environmental/Urban Environmental Engineering Laboratory, studies are underway to outline the ideal “environmental infrastructure”suitable for supporting the building and urban environments from the perspectives of both “social capital” (i.e., building equipment, urban installations, etc.) and “natural capital” (i.e., natural elements). We are engaged in research in the areas outlined below from an environmental engineering perspective—i.e., focusing on systems and mechanisms that support building and urban environments, and studying the mechanism by which such environments are created—and from the perspective of facilities engineering—i.e., system design of environmental control to achieve a desired condition. Through these activities, our laboratory actively promotes a hands-on approach to contributing to the local community, which has a high degree of social significance.

芝浦工業大学 システム理工学部 環境システム学科


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Building and Urban Environmental Engineering Laboratory

Department of Planning, Architecture and Environmental Systems
College of Systems Engineering and Science
Shibaura Institute of Technology

307 Fukasaku, Minuma-ku, Saitama City, Saitama 337-8570

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